Eclipses n° 12 2015

Eclipse is a unique wine. We only produced it when the conditions are bring together to birth a long
lasting cabernet franc. From the oldest vines of the coteaux, the grapes are finely selected to produced a
full body juice, intense and deep. A sweet extraction tamed in oak barrel. Be ready.



Appellation: Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil

Surface area: 2 ha

Terroir:  Clay & silt

Grape variety: Cabernet Franc

Average age of vines: 58 years old

Density of vines: 5000 pieds / hectare

Rootstock: massale

Prunning: simple

Culture: Organic and in conversion to biodynamic

Yields: 37 hl / ha

Harvest: Manual

Destemming: Yes

Sorting: Handly sorting

Macération: 25 days in new barrels of 600 liters to optimize
the extraction of grapes by the means of
traditional crushing

Fermentation: Both alcoholic and malolactic fermentation are
realised in the oak barrels.

Aging: 22 months

Average production: 8000 bottles

Vol 13 %

St Nicolas de Bourgueil